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Transformational Juicing Journey

A 7-Day Juice Immersion Experience

Start the New Year off weighing less than you do today, feeling better than you have in years, full of energy and ready to hit the new year running.  Sound like something you'd like for yourself?  Then take this 14-day journey to a healthier, slimmer, more energetic you right now!  This program will set you on a new course to amazing good health and will change the way you experience living for the rest of your life.

Take Me With You Next Time!

Two essential phases of a juice fast that are often overlooked.

Getting yourself, your body and your environment prepared for 7-days of juicing is a critical step that is often omitted  when people start a juice fast.  The more prepared you and your body are when the first day arrives, the more likely you are to successfully complete the full 7-days of the fast.  Likewise, when the fast ends, it is critical to gradually reintroduce solid food back into the body.  This 14-day structure allows time for you to ease into and exit from the fast so your body is prepared for these transitions ensuring that you receive the maximum benefits from this 7-day juice fast.

Committed to your success

We will be with you every step of the way from making preparations, to completing the full 7-days of the immersion experience and long after this program ends to help you sustain the beneficial results of the healthy changes you've started here so you can reach your desired health and wellness goals.

Beyond the program

The fast may end and this 14-day program may end but your new healthy lifestyle is just beginning.  As this journey ends, we lay out a foundation of healthy eating for you so the benefits of the fast will carry over into your life permanently.  And you continue to have direct access to us so we can offer our guidance and support to you to stay the course beyond this particular juicing journey.  You have lifetime access not only to the program materials but to a community of fellow healthy lifestyle enthusiasts in our exclusive Healthy Changes Now Facebook group where we are active and available every day.

A Complete Program to guide and support you successfully through the entire juice immersion experience.

  • 3 In-depth Coaching/Training Webinars that cover every aspect of preparing for, completing and transitioning from a 7-day juice fast.
  • 5 LIVE and Interactive Group Support Sessions where you can ask your questions directly to us.
  • Access to a dedicated, private Facebook Group where we will be active each day of the program to keep you motivated, inspired and supported from start to finish.
  • 5 Facebook LIVE sessions in the private group for additional support throughout the program.
  • Secure and private direct access to us via email to provide individualized attention when you need it the most.
  • A Celebration and Completion Online Event to celebrate your successful completion of the program and lay a foundation for your new healthy lifestyle moving forward.
  • Lifetime access to all material and coaching videos provided as well as the replays of the interactive group sessions for you to review and reuse as often as you'd like.
  • Lifetime access includes all future development, additions and enhancements to the Transformational Juicing Journey Program.
  • Lifetime access to our Exclusive Healthy Changes Now Facebook Community reserved for our program participants only.
Scott and Connie

"This wonderful program was taught by Nico Homburg and Kathleen Marinell... I learned a lot more about juicing and the benefits that are obtained when you partake in the juicing program, than I ever knew before. It was an eye opener for me.  I feel like my body is cleaner as fresh juice seems to purge the impurities quite well... We now normally juice at least five mornings per week, as a result of this training."

Scott and Connie, Program Participants
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